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You know when plan after plan falls through and you just want to stomp your feet and scream or maybe switch careers and become a professional grocery-bagger because that seems like a low stress job with flexible hours and you know that you could pull off the requisite pleated trousers with flair to spare?  You know that feeling?

I’m fighting it.  And winning, amazingly enough! 

The dance studio classes that I had sooooooo been looking forward to were supposed to start tomorrow.  I hadn’t spoken to the owner of the studio since the day I met her (weeks ago).  I hadn’t worked out any of the details or found out if anyone had even signed up.  So I emailed her.  Then I called her.  Then tonight, after a few patiently silent days, I dropped by the studio.  I live close enough to play it off like, “Oh, I was just around the corner and thought I’d stop in.”  As soon as I opened the door the office manager smiled and was all, “Oh, hiiiiiiiiii.  Not yet!  But I was just about to call you.”  Yeah, sure.

So no one has signed up yet, for either of my class times.  And I turned down another offer this morning to teach somewhere else because it would have been a conflict with my Saturday class there.  And they probably weren’t “just about” to call me or answer my email.  That would have been the polite, professional thing to do but I doubt they were going to do it.

But I’m fine.  I’m actually totally fine with it.  I told her I would keep the times open and keep it up on my website and she said they would do the same.  And part of me thinks it’s, technically, a bummer.  Part of me thinks I would be justified if I pouted about it or thrashed around in frustration instead of sleeping well tonight.  But I won’t.  I’ll be fine.  Because I know there is a reason.  I know it.  There always is.  And I am grateful for that.

This definitely calls for a little dancing Ganesha.


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