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I don’t know if I can really say I’m from the south.  Technically I was born in the Midwest.  And then moved around quite a bit (military family) until my mother and I ended up in New England.  I think the five years we spent up there were my formative ones because I would be happier back in those mountains than anywhere else on the planet.  But then she got remarried and hauled me, kicking and screaming, down south.  Way down south.  Think Gone With The Wind, but a few states to the left.  And ever since then, even though I have felt the pull to be somewhere else, I have stayed below the Mason-Dixon line.

So I guess I’m kind of a southern girl.  I’ve certainly inherited the southern, ladylike manners.  There are some things I rarely speak of to anyone outside my family.  Sex, politics, money, my weight.  The last one is quite pressing to me right now. 

It’s not my weight, per se.  The pounds are not a problem.  It’s the arrangement of them.  I feel like I have two bodies in one.  My standing-up body is svelte and sinewy, tall and thin with just a suggestion of athletic muscularity.  But my sitting-down body is something else entirely.  When I sit down everything just kind of…relaxes.  It’s a very distressing phenomenon, one that I wish I could blame on recent childbirth.  But I cant.  It’s how I’ve always been, thin but not necessarily strong.  And, yes, I’m sure the pregnancy didn’t help it any.  But I know from experience that a little more exercise and a little more water can really make a difference.  So I’m going back to doing exercise.  Real exercise.  Cardio.  BecauseI refuse to turn my yoga into a sweaty sort of power-through-it thing.  I go to classes for that once in a while but, because that’s not what I teach, I dont want to get too hooked on it.  So I’m going to start with a video that I got while I was working off the baby pounds.

Yeah, yeah.  I know.  What can I say?  It’s fun.


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