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My kid is going to arrive at college with one of these in her mouth, I just know it.


Her pediatrician says it’s not a problem right now.  He’s totally pro-binky because, obviously, it’s a better way for a child to soothe herself than to have a tantrum and flail around the way 2-year olds are wont to do.  Her dentist is unconcerned until she turns 4.  As long as we are using the smallest ones and they’re orthodontic she says they wont do any harm.

But I am concerned.  Because this is a serious addiction.  It started out as a night time only thing but, from the day we were plunged without warning into the Terrific Twos, she has wanted to have one in her mouth at all times.  And when she comes up and coos, “Binky.  Pweeease,” in her saddest, sweetest little voice….  Well, let’s just say I become that mother I never thought I would be.  I’m such a sucker (no pun intended).


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