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1.  Earlier this week an agent requested a partial read of my novel.  First time ever.  Very exciting.  The first four chapters and a brief synopsis were delivered to her office at 8:33 this morning.  I will now commence frantic refreshing of my inbox, hoping for a further interest.  Otherwise I will expect the standard rejection letter, in my own SASE, in the coming weeks.  But that’s sad and I’m going to remain positive!  Positive, positive, positive!

2.  I’m moving.  Well, I’m getting ready to move.  Well, actually, I’m planning to move any day now but we haven’t packed a single thing.  I have a feeling it will be a simultaneous pack-n-move.

3.  My dance studio classes are supposed to start next week.  I still haven’t hammered out the final details with the owner of the studio.  Some of these are highly important, such as: how much will I be paid?  How much will you be charging for the classes?  Has anyone even signed up?

4.  I woke up this morning thinking that I should probably pee on a stick.  I was sure there was one in there from the last time I thought I could smell every burrito within a three-mile radius.  I doubt I’m pregnant but it would be nice to know either way.  Alas, I must have used that test already.  Or else given it to my sister in law, who is equally (if not more) neurotic than I am about that stuff.


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