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I love blogs.  I mean, I seriously love blogs.  I check like 15 blogs a day…every day.  And I stumble on at least as many new ones.  Whenever I encounter a new blog that I like, I go back and read all the posts from the beginning.  I’m not really sure how the bloggers feel about that kind of thing.  I often get the sense that I’m breaking some kind of unwritten rule.  But I do it anyway.  I live on the edge.

I espeically love yoga blogs, as I myself am a yoga teacher.  They’re all written by very serious, studious people with intensity and purpose.  I love it.  I try to take in everything they say, file it all away in my brain.  But for myself I keep things a little light and fluffy.  I laugh as often as possible, just in case this life ends up being really short and I come back as something depressing, like the fern that my dog insists on peeing on every morning.


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