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How does one balance a commitment to nonharming with the common-sense urge to protect ones family?  Ahimsa and saucha. 

Here’s the thing: bugs are gross.  I respect their place in the order of things but…blech.  They aren’t welcome in my home.  I try using repellent pest control, to keep them from even coming around, to prevent that unfortunate scream-and-smash reaction.  But sometimes they find their way in, and crossing that line leaves a little chemical something on them that causes a quick death.  I feel horrible about it but I can’t just let them run around.  I can’t risk my 2-year old coming across a disease-carrying little critter. 

So what’s the solution?  What’s the compromise?  How do I keep my home clean and pest-free without bringing any badness into it?  I’m open to suggestions.  And no, just shuttling them peacefully out when they come in is not an option.  Unfortunately.  We have a lot of woodsiness around our house and year-round warm weather.  I would literally spend my whole day escorting bugs outside and washing my hands until they were raw if I tried to do it that way.


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